Another winner from Jill Shalvis!

I’ve been in a book funk for a week. I kept starting books that I couldn’t finish. Then I started Sweet Little Lies, and what do you know? Bye book funk; hello happy place!

Sweet Little Lies has so much heart and emotion with an interesting and relatable cast of characters. At its center is Finn and Pru. Both Finn and Pru experienced great tragedies in their lives prior to meeting each other. Finn was this promising athlete who wanted nothing more than to get out of his father’s thumb. And Pru is this happy-go-lucky child with a promising future. But significant events in their lives changed the course of their future.

When we get introduced to them, Pru is a boat captain who moved in to the building where Finn’s pub is located. They became friends. They had an obvious attraction to each other which both tried to ignore for certain reasons.

For Finn, he’s not in a place where he can invest in a relationship. He’s trying to keep the bar in the black at the same time trying to keep his brother out of trouble. He works non-stop and he simply has no time for relationships.

Pru’s reasons is more heartbreaking, and has far reaching consequences. She’s clearly attracted to him but the details of her past stops her from acting on that attraction because the consequences could be devastating for her and for Finn.

I was afraid that this whole secret thing would drag throughout the book but thankfully, that didn’t happen. It was revealed early for readers but not for the people involved which sort of gives me this “waiting for that shoe to drop” vibe. We see Pru and Finn get closer to each other with this secret hanging over their heads. It made me anxious for both of them and no matter how much I braced myself for the eventual heartbreak, it still hits me. That’s how good Jill Shalvis is. It doesn’t matter if you know what’s going to happen because when it does, the characters’ reaction to that secret or plot or whatever still resonates with you.

And that’s what happened for me in this book. I knew what Pru was hiding from Finn. And I knew how he would react and how Pru would react. But man, when it did happen, it still crushed my little black heart. The emotional payback was all there.

And like I mentioned above, this book had some already great characters whose stories I’m so excited to read. Jill Shalvis writes the type of characters that I root for. They’re the type of flawed but relatable characters that stay with you.

Another great start to another great series! This book needs to be on everyone’s TBR pile.