Overall, I enjoyed this book, but I also have some issues with it.

I won’t go into the summary of this book anymore since there are plenty of reviews out there who’s done a magnificent job of doing that. So let’s just start with the stuff that I did like and enjoyed.

One, the characters. Damon is your perfect broken, broody hero that’s so talented and yet still endearingly awkward at the same time. I enjoyed that tortured, brooding aspect of his character and liked how he slowly opened up to Rose. I love me some cocky, swaggerring heroes but it’s refreshing to read about a hero who is confident but also has a vulnerable and sensitive side to him. Damon was like that to me. He’s gorgeous and talented but he wasn’t a cocky alphahole.

Rose, I liked as well. I always appreciate and love stories where the heroine has a career and dreams of her own and she just doesn’t exist to please the hero or change him or whatever. Her backstory along with Julian was heartbreaking but she still maintains a can do attitude.

Speaking of Julian…oh my lawd, I want his book so bad. He stole the show along with my heart. He’s the exact opposite of Julian but just as broken, if not more.

The dialogue and the banter was great. The setting…the whole play in and of itself was fascinating to read.

Now onto the stuff that I didn’t like as much. Some even made me roll my eyes so hard they almost fell out of my head.

One, the conflict that supposedly kept the hero and heroine apart was weak. It was basically just this one particular character who is hell bent on interfering with the hero and heroine. I won’t go into details but that was annoying because it dragged on and on.

Second, a few plot devices like the spin the bottle game was eye-roll worthy. If this had been YA and set in high school with high school characters, it wouldn’t feel out of place. But considering their ages, that felt contrived and out of place.

Still, the positives outweighed the negatives for me. I still enjoyed reading it and I felt invested enough with the romance to keep on reading despite those issues. Plus, L.H. Cosway can really write. She has a very distinct narrative voice and you can’t help but be sucked into the story she’s telling. So this definitely won’t be my last Cosway book because now that I’ve got a taste for her writing style and the way she builds her characters, I’m hooked.

I’ve only read the books she co-wrote with Penny Reid, so I’m excited to read this!

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.