This book!!

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The characters, the conflict, the angst, the dialogue, the writing…everything just worked for me. I was instantly drawn into the lives of Elissa Holt and Liam Quinn.

From the moment Elisse and Liam met, I was invested in their relationship. While their attraction was instant, it took a while for them to get together. I loved the waiting and tension. And when it finallu happened, it was so good. So I was gutted…GUTTED when circumstances conspired to keep them apart.

The angst just about killed me especially when they met each other again and Liam looked like he’s moved on.

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Unlike in the previous books where the conflict I felt was dragged throughout the book, here, it builds. With the attraction still simmering between Liss and Liam, along with Liam’s popularity and not to mention his fiancèe, the tension built slowly and sure until it reached fever pitch until shit just hit the fan.

I was expecting it but I was still unprepared by how much it emotionally affected me. Leisa Rayven did a phenomenal job in making readers feel invested in these characters.

I’ve always loved Liss in the previous books, and in this book, I fell in love with her character even more. She was strong and yet vulnerable. Confident but self-deprecating. She’s capable and can hold her own.

Liam, I hated for bit. But when reckoning came, he came through. And although I didn’t 100 percent agree with his decision, I understand why he had to do it.

And it wasn’t just Liam and Liss that were likable and relatable in this book. There are other characters that I really ended up rooting for even though they were part of the reason why Liam and Liss were apart. Like I said, not only did Ms. Rayven built a believable conflict, she also created really unforgettable and relatable characters.

Overall, this book satisfied my inner angst whore and my need to have a sweet satisfying ending. The author did not make it easy for Liss and Liam but it only made the conclusion all the more sweet and satisfying.

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Highly recommended.

An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.