It’s a love triangle. Sort of. And yes, I liked it.

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I did. I think the author did a phenomenal job of making me understand why the heroine felt that way. I could understand her struggles.

She fell in love with a boy in high school. Not just any boy but also her best friend. Sadly, her feelings were not reciprocated. Forward to years later, and that same boy called her out of the blue attempting to reconnect. But things have changed. She has changed or at least she thinks she has but Conner’s return had her questioning that.

Then there’s Dylan. Her boss and good friend since college. And suddenly she’s having all these feelings that she doesn’t quite understand let alone know how to deal with.

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Plus, it wasn’t OTT, “I’d-rather-slit-my-wrist-than-go-through-with-this-flip-floppity-farce-of-a-romance” love triangle. It was just right. And loved that the author really spent time developing each character especially the heroine’s motivation. It made me root for her. And like I said, I related to her and understood where she was coming from.

So I liked it. A lot.

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ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.