Vaughan Hewson is picking up the pieces of his stalled music career after his band disbanded. He’s back in his hometown but he has no plans on staying there permanently. But fate threw a wrench on his plans when he discovered Lydia Green in her wedding dress inside his bathroom.

Just when Lydia Green thought she’s found the love of her life, she discovered that it was all a farce. What more, she discovered all of this on her wedding day. A time that’s supposed to be the happiest of her life has turned into a humiliating nightmare.

I felt for Lydia so much. Her reaction to discovering her fiance’s deception was real and honest, and the way she held herself was admirable considering she practically had no one in that town she could trust. And despite what happened, she still managed to hold on to her humorous side. She was fun but she also had insecurities but they weren’t debilitating insecurities. Her insecurities made her relatable to me because I personally have those insecurities too.

I’ve always been curious about Vaughan back story ever since he was introduced in Deep, and man, Kylie Scott didn’t disappoint. She gave us another complex hero to love. Kylie Scott isn’t afraid to put her hero in a place where he feels powerless and out of sorts when it comes to his career choices. It made Vaughan more relatable to me. And his understanding and his attraction to Lydia was the best part of this book. I enjoyed their banter so much, not to mention those sexy times. I mean, I knew Kylie Scott can write steam but this book was something else.

Another aspect of the book that I really loved were the secondary characters. These characters were introduced as part of the crew at Dive Bar, a bar/restaurant owned by Vaughan’s sister who has her own drama going on, which I’m very interested in reading, by the way. They were not just side entertainment or fodder to the Vaughan-Lydia romance, but they have their own personalities and problems and issues, which made them fascinating to me. I don’t want to spoil anything except to say that I can see how this series is going to consume me already because even now, I am so anxious to read more about these characters.

Overall, Kylie Scott delivered another sexy, funny and engrossing read. If you’re a fan of her Stage Dive series, then you’ll definitely want to read this book.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.