What can I say? Jill Shalvis has a way of taking a simple, straightforward story and turning into an engaging, funny, and sizzling hot book. Nobody But You delivered on its premise, and then some. This book is feel-good romance at its best.

Jacob Kincaid is back in Cedar Ridge and ready to finally face the family he abandoned when he signed for the military. But he wants to do it on his own terms.

Sophie meanwhile is down on her luck after divorcing her philandering husband. She got her revenge by taking his precious boat from him. Except that Sophie hated being on it. Worst of all, she had to sneak around Cedar Ridge lake just so she can find a place to moor for free. This brought her in contact with Jacob Kincaid who didn’t really appreciate a stranger using his private dock as her personal mooring place.

Their first meeting was hilarious. Their second meeting was even more so except that you can actually feel the simmering attraction between them. And Jill Shalvis just has the skill to bring those out in her dialogue.

The banter in this book was amazing, and that’s just not limited to the interaction between Jacob and Sophie but to other characters as well, especially Jacob’s siblings.

Don’t even get me started on the sexy times. Jill Shalvis’ book has always had their own brand of sexy but this book was bursting it, thanks in part to Jacob Kincaid. Oh man, Jacob is probably my favorite Shalvis hero so far. He’s stoic and reserved on the outside but a freak in the sheets. And I mean that in the best way possible. Good lawd. The things that man could do.

But this book has a lot more to offer than sexy times. Like most of Shalvis’ contemporary romances in the past, Nobody But You is also about family and community. Sophie and Jacob both had to confront their issues concerning their families. Sophie in particular has struggled to find her footing career wise. She started off in a bad place and slowly but surely fought her way and gained respectability for herself.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters and just everything about it really. There is a misconception that contemporary romance is all fluff and no substance and therefore easy to write. That’s just false. There’s nothing easy about writing a book that doesn’t involve kidnapping, terminal diseases and crazy ploy twist but still manages to capture your attention.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Q&A with Jill Shalvis

What can you tell us about Jacob and Sophie that we won’t find in the book?
Jacob has a secret sweet tooth and he stops at the convenience store for a daily candy bar.  Sophie too.  And one day, maybe a year from now, they’ll run into each other doing it and laugh.

Who is your favorite couple(s) from either your Lucky Harbor or Cedar Ridge series and why?
It’s actually Jacob and Sophie.  I just love it when two mule-headed, damaged people go kicking and screaming into a mad, wild love that knows no bounds.

As a romance novelist, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve given, or received, about relationships?
To remember in telling the story that there’s three sides to every story.  His.  Hers.  And then truth.
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