My favorite book in the series so far. Lauren Layne delivered another heartwarming tale of love between two partner police officers who found themselves dealing with new or maybe not so new feelings for one another.

Three about Vincent Moretti. One, he’s great at his job. Two, he loves his interfering Italian family. And three, he cares about his long time partner Jill Henley. Sure. He’s taciturn and doesn’t suffer for fools but anyone can see that he cares about those closest to him. So when Jill has to leave for three months to take care of a family emergency, Vince found himself feeling things he never felt before. But then Jill came back along with a few changes that totally threw Vince for a loop.

I got to admit that for a while there, I was worried that the book might turn to one of my least favorite trope in romance. But once again, Lauren Layne proves that she is adept at walking that fine line between angsty and sweet, and Cuff Me has both of those.

I loved the chemistry between Jill and Vince. They caught my attention during Frisk Me and their story did not disappoint. I love the natural progression of their relationship. Plus Vince Moretti is probably the most adorable grumpy hero ever. His personality fits perfectly well with Jill’s sassiness. But those differences are only on the surface because deep down, they have a lot in common. Plus, the Morettis clearly loves Jill.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about this book was the inclusion of some form of police procedural. Nothing hardcore but since both characters are detectives, we see them being that and doing detective work. And it also highlighted their partnership so to speak, so it made the transition from friends to lovers really believable.

I’m really looking forward to reading more about the Moretti siblings, particularly Marc. I’m curious about him being in LA and away from the family. I’m hoping he’s coming back to New York and hopefully, to a new lady love soon.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.