It always pains me to write one of those, “it’s not you, it’s me” type of reviews. Unfortunately, this is exactly what I felt after reading Soulless.

There will be spoilers from the previous book in the series, so be warned.

Lawless ended with Bear being carted away to prison instead of Thia after owning up to killing Thia’s parents. Which as you know isn’t true, by the way. I thought Soulless was going to start with that pivotal scene but nope. Instead we’re right in the middle of Bear already being in prison awaiting trial. The story then takes us through the ups and downs of Bear and Thia dealing with the aftermath of Bear’s decision to take the fall for her. Add to that the club business that involved Bear’s own father and Thia’s own troubles, we get a very convoluted storyline that just didn’t came together for me.

I liked Thia in the previous book. I could understand the decisions she made because of her age but in this book, her lack of self-preservation and common sense just grated on my nerves. I hate, HATE it when the heroines act without sense or sense of caution because it always, ALWAYS end up with unimaginable violence. And for what? Because she didn’t listen to warnings. This is pretty much what happened with Thia. In the first book, I could understand it because she had no idea what she was in for but here it was almost like she had to act out so she can be put in a situation where harm would come to her and therefore, driving the “plot” forward. Unfortunately, it felt contrived and predictable to me.

Yes, there was some crazy twist to the end, which would probably make a lot of readers go ballistic because Oh my gosh, PLOT TWIST! But by the time it happened, I just felt resigned knowing that it happened and even though none of it made sense, it will blow people’s mind anyway because reasons. I’m sorry but the unpredictable nature of plot twists can’t replace a well thought out and solid plot, which is missing in this book.

But that is just my opinion. I did enjoy a few of the characters in this book. Rage, for example, was a hoot! And some of Ms. Frazier’s fave characters did make an appearance, which is a great Easter egg for fans of hers. But I’m afraid those went over my head.

Don’t let my less than stellar review deter you from reading this author’s books though. I know a lot of my friends loved this one, so I’m definitely in the minority.