Title: Dirty Talk
Author: Megan Erickson
Series: Mechanics of Love #2
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Rating: B-


When the one you shouldn’t want is the one you can’t resist…

Brent Payton works hard, plays hard, and has earned his ladies’ man reputation. But he’s more than just a good time, even though no one seems to see it. Until a gorgeous brunette with knockout curves and big, thoughtful eyes walks into his family’s garage and makes Brent want more.

Ivy Dawn and her sister are done with men, all of them. They’ve uprooted their lives too many times on account of the opposite sex, but that’s over now. The plan seems easy until a sexy, dirty-taking mechanic bursts in Ivy’s life and shakes everything up.

Brent can’t resist the one person who sees past his devil-may-care façade, and Ivy finds it harder and harder to deny how happy he makes her. But she has secrets of her own and when the truth comes out, she must decide if she’ll run again or if she’ll take a chance on forever.



“A super sweet, extra sexy second chance romance that will have you laughing out loud and needing a minute to cool off. Dirty Thoughts is right!”
   — Jay Crownover, New York Times bestselling author

“Megan Erickson ratchets up the romance and sizzle in her sexy new series. The Mechanics of Love will rev readers’ hearts.”
   — Jennifer Ryan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Megan Erickson writes hot, hot, HOT stories packed with emotion and humor. You’re going to want to read everything she’s ever written!”
   — Sophie Jordan, USA Today bestselling author


Dirty Talk is the second book off of Megan Erickson’s Mechanics of Love series. Brent Payton is the “fun & easy” Payton brother. For years Brent struggled with how he was perceived by other people and even by his own family. They see him as someone who’s easy and doesn’t really have anything deep to offer. For years, Brent had been content with the label until he met Ivy Dawn, the younger sister of their newly hired mechanic. Brent wants to prove to Ivy that there’s more to him than meets the eye. But Ivy’s life and that of her daughter and sister is far from ideal. Running from her sister’s emotionally abusive boyfriend, the sisters vowed to have not to allow men to ruin their lives anymore. But her attraction to Brent and their chemistry together may be too strong for Ivy to resist, especially when Brent allowed her to glimpse of the man underneath the cocky swagger.

As usual Megan Erickson delivered a romance filled with richly drawn characters, banter, family drama and sizzling chemistry. The book started out slow for me and didn’t really pick up until the second half. Even so, Ivy and Brent’s relationship was fun to root. But it was Brent’s relationship with Ivy’s daughter Violet and his friendship with his wheelchair bound neighbor that held my attention throughout the book. It showed Brent’s character, the one that he tries to hide from other people. I’ve also grown to love Cal and Brent’s gruff father, Jack. His little speech to Alex brought tears to my eyes.

As much as I enjoyed the Brent and Ivy together, I never felt like they’re the one true pair in the book because Brent could easily be with either Alex or Davis. It’s like there were too many possibility and one scene could change it from an Ivy-Brent pairing to Davis-Brent (which I’m totally 100% shipping, by the way) or even Alex-Brent. But that’s just me. Maybe I need to read M/M soon because I clearly need some of that action. Anyway, I liked this one but I still enjoyed Dirty Thoughts more.