This morning, I woke up with a mother of all headaches. By 10 AM I was puking my guts out. Right about that the time, a thought occurred me, “Hmm…I should do a monthly round-up for my blog.” Right.

So here I am, headache free and feeling a whole lot better and writing this post. Depending on how busy things get in real life, you can expect another post similar to this one at the end of September. So let’s get crackin’, shall we?


August at a Glance.

  1. I read 26 books in August. 25 of them are all full length novels. I also wrote reviews for all of them.
  2. I had two A- or 4.5 star books.
  3. Most of the books I read this month, I rated B (4 stars), the rest are B- (3.5 stars), Cs and Ds.
  4. I only DNF two books this month.

The Standouts…

Sustained by Emma Chase

Losing Control by Jen Frederick

Irresistibly Yours by Lauren Layne

What can I say, these three books stood out among the rest. Sustained was funny, irreverent and touching. Losing Control completely captured me with its dynamic characters and two of my favorite OTP (one true pair/pairing) this year. Irresistibly Yours by Lauren Layne. I read two duds by LL before finally getting another winner in this easy, fun and lighthearted read. Irresistibly Yours in vintage Lauren Layne and I’m saying it right now, you should not miss reading this book which will be released first week of October.

The Notables…

Making A Play by Victoria Denault

Thick Love by Eden Butler

Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas

Worth It by Linda Kage

Sacked by Jen Frederick

Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino

The Hotter You Burn by Gena Showalter

Taking Control by Jen Frederick

Torn Hearts by Claire Contreras

The bulk of my August reads fall into this area right here. They aren’t five star books but I still enjoyed the heck out of them. These are the ones who also made me laugh or cry and just pulled out all the right emotions from me. And if an author on this list has books coming out, they are automatically on my to-read shelf.

Most Read Author

Jen Frederick with Losing Control, Taking Control and Sacked.

She’s my most read author this month. It helps that she has an extensive backlist of great books. Also, she’s fast becoming my go-to author whenever I want a sexy, engaging read. In other words, she writes the kind of books that I gravitate towards.


Make You Burn by Megan Crane

Delayed Penalty by Sophia Henry

I have no idea where things went wrong with these two. On paper, Make You Burn and Delayed Penalty are the kind of books I usually go for. The former is about a motorcycle club intent on catching the person who murdered their president and the latter is a sports romance. It should’ve worked but it didn’t.


Aside from the As and Bs, I got three books I rated B- (3.5 stars), five C (3 stars), four D (2 stars) and two F (1 star). So not bad. Not a bad month for me at all.

*All the reviews not published on this blog, can be found on my Goodreads account.