Watching sex tapes at the office is just part of PR professional Vivian Blake’s job, especially when she has to clean up a celebrity’s image. Except that her newest client isn’t quite that easy. Racecar driver Jarod Cage is beyond hot, and his onscreen “performance” is already compromising Viv’s cool professionalism.

While Jarod hasn’t exactly been discreet about his personal life, he never thought his reputation could cost him both his sponsor and his racing career. Now he has to put his future in the hands of a tiny, pixie-like publicist. Which is becoming a problem, because the heat between them is about to redline. But when you go this hard and fast, putting on the brakes is the most dangerous thing you can do…

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This book had a promising premise. Bad boy race car driver hero got caught with his pants down. Literally. And the PR expert heroine was brought in to help fix his image. Sparks fly and we get some sexy times and we get emotionally invested in their journey to HEA.

Mmmyeah. It didn’t exactly turn out that way. And it’s all thanks to our heroine, Vivian Blake.

She wasn’t the warmest heroine. She was kinda bitchy and judgmental but hey, I was okay with it for the most the part. But then she had to add stupid to the list and I just couldn’t take it.

I’m going to spoiler tag this one. It doesn’t really affect the plot but it’s one of the scenes from the book which I had major, major problems with.

Anyhoo, SPOILERS! [Don’t read beyond this line if you don’t want to be spoiled.]

[Vivian meets Jarod Cage for the first time and he hears her badmouthing racing. Jarod took offense and considering the situation he was in, he’s not feeling too confident about Viv’s PR skills. Anyway, long story short, Jarod told her that since she saw him at his most intimate moment, (he was caught having sex with another woman in a bathroom) he needs assurance that she can fix his reputation. You know what she did?

She started stripping in front of Jarod. IN HER OFFICE. Right after she said she’s going to help him restore his reputation. And her reasoning was “Quid pro quo, bro. I saw you have sex so here, look at me in my pretteh undies and then we’ll call it even.”


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But oh, it didn’t end there because he got so turned he just had to let her come right there and then. I mean, hey. Why not?? She saw him come in the video, so again, “Quid pro quo!”

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Sorry to say but what happened there soured the whole book for me. Not even the vibrant way the author wrote the racing circuit could rescue this book for me.

I mean, come on. She could have done something else to prove her worth but she had to resort to the oldest trick in the book…getting nekkid.

It’s a shame really since some parts of this book was hot. I liked Jarod but I couldn’t understand why he fell for Vivian to be honest. It was insta-lust for both of them and I didn’t feel that tension, that push and pull between them considering there are ethical issues they have to deal with. Their attraction didn’t feel organic for me. It felt contrived.

Then there’s Jarod’s drama with the other drivers about who’s trying to destroy who, the petty jealousies, the behind-the-scene machinations, the WAGs. Gawd, even his ex made an appearance. It just didn’t come together for me.



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