It was all supposed to be so simple.

Navaya Howard is an erotic writer in a rut. Her readers are fed up of her stale plots and Navaya can’t blame them. She’s been celibate for over a year and a half since finding her now ex-boyfriend’s side chick’s positive pregnancy test on her bathroom counter. How can she write steamy romances if she can barely remember which body parts go into the other?

Navaya enlists the help of her best friend, Xander, to revive the inspiration that used to have her sitting comfortably at the top of her game. What happens when the sex hits deeper than either of them expected and the tender emotions can no longer be denied?

Navaya and Xander’s arrangement has gone far deeper than intended.
Will their friendship and their hearts survive the fall?


Best friends to lovers is one, if not, my favorite trope in romance so it was a no brainer to start this one. And boy, was I glad I did because this book ticked all the boxes for me.

Navi is an erotic romance author who needs inspiration after her last book bombed. Not only that, her last relationship had scarred her deeply. Desperate to get her groove back, she asks her very hot best friend, Xander, to “inspire” her and spur her imagination.

And as a reader, nothing excites me more than two fools who are so right for each other thinking they can add sex to their friendship and not catch feelings.

I, of course, was immediately hooked.

One, it’s hot.

Seriously. Hot.

The chemistry between Xander and Navi is off the charts.

Two, the development of their relationship from friends to lovers is just right. Not angsty per se but there’s delicious tension and conflict.

One of the reasons why I love friends to lovers is that thing where two individuals who’ve known each other for a long time, and are comfortable with their relationship with each other takes a leap into the unknown and they don’t know if there’s gonna be a friendship left after all it’s done. Everything is on the line and there’s no going back, and Ms. Adams was able to capture that beautifully in this book.

Three, I really enjoyed the author’s voice. This is my first Rilzy book and it won’t definitely be my last. Her characters are vividly written and her humor was on point.

I highly recommend.