The Trouble with Love is one of my most memorable reads this year so far. I loved it. I’ve always been a sucker for the second-chance at love trope and Lauren Layne totally outdid herself with this book. For those who are interested to read my review, you can READ IT HERE.

But not only that, Lauren Layne is here. She has penned a special post for us called Introvert-Seeking-Introvert where she shares some interesting things about the evolution of her two main characters, Emma and Alex, who are both…yup, you guessed it, introverts.

So before I give you all the book details and all that, here’s an interesting guest post by Lauren Layne.

Introverts Seeking Introverts

First things first, I’m an introvert. Hard-core. Give me too much “people time” and not enough “alone time,” and I’m one skipped meal away from throwing a toddler tantrum.

My husband? Not so much. In fact, he’s the opposite. If he doesn’t have enough people interaction, he gets downright irritable.

And you know? It works for us; I like to think we balance each other.

And here’s a little secret … that introvert/extrovert pairing in romance novels works really well as well. I suspect it’s that whole opposites-attract thing at work. It’s the bubbly publicist who gets under the skin of the brooding cowboy, or it’s the outgoing, charming womanizer who falls hard for the quiet, shy librarian.

I didn’t realize how many of my books featured this introvert/extrovert pairing until I sat down to write The Trouble With Love, the last in my Stiletto series.

Three pages in, my writing flow screeched to a halt as it hit me:

The hero and the heroine were both introverts, which means … dialog? Not so forth-coming! Darn these strong, silent times!

Normally, I could change this; rethink the plot and characters to something a bit, well, easier. Make one of them a chatty-cathy.But because this is the last in a series, I was pretty locked into this characters (and happily so, since I’d been plotting their love story for over a year!)

But even though I knew their history and their future, these two did not make it easy on me. I had to beg them to talk to each other. Heck, I had to beg them to talk to me so I could get inside their head!

Problem number one? Alex Cassidy. If i had to sum him up in a word, it would be deliberate. The guy’s in perfect control of his life, his emotions, the people around him. Everyone except for …

Emma Sinclair. Like Cassidy, Emma keeps to herself. Not one to wear her heart on her sleeve, this one. There is exactly one person in the world who can get under her skin …

I’m sure you can guess who.

But how?! How to take two perfectly guarded, in-control people, and force them out of their comfort zone when they’re both really good about playing it safe.

rubs hands together

You make them neighbors! That’s how. And then, for good measure, you tweak the plot so that one because the other’s (temporary) boss, and can’t help himself from oh-so-subtly abusing that power in order to figure out how she really feels about him.

evil laughter.

Seriously though, troublesome as these characters were at the beginning, I’m absolutely in love with their love story, and I think you will be too. Take a dose of stubborn, two wary hearts, and lots of long, hot looks and lingering silences, and the result, I think, is a rather memorable romance.

Granted, I’m biased. But if you’re a fan of second-chance romances, and if you’re a sucker for two people terrified of their love for the other person …

Then you’ll love The Trouble With Love.

Introverts and all.

“I’m absolutely in love with their love story, and I think you will be too…” Yup, I definitely am in love with this story and I am in love with these characters. So thank you, LL for writing them and sticking your guns and staying true to your vision for the each character.


For those of you who haven’t gotten their copy of this book yet, you can buy it from Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iTunes.

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