Have you ever read a book that’s well written, compelling and hard to put to down and yet you absolutely hate one of its characters? I just found mine.

Typically, I’m a very forgiving reader. I always try to find redeemable aspects in every character especially with my heroes. This one was different though because I really, really hated the hero. I found no redeeming qualities about him. In fact, I never wanted anyone to die at the end of this book as much as Patrick. 

Anyway, before I go on a deep end, I have to say that this review is a bit ranty with lots of cussing and yeah, spoilers. This is just my opinion though. I’ve seen friends who loved this book and loved Patrick. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them.

To be fair, this book brought out a lot of emotions out of me. Unfortunately, not all of them are positive. If I had been the type of reader who would 5-star book just based on emotions this book has been able to pull out of me, I would have easily easily given this a full 5. But my feelings are a bit more complicated than that.

Patrick “Poet” Gallagher is the VP of Aces MC and is known to never had an old lady. The story is, he already met the love of his life but had somehow lost her, hence, Poet is lost and adrift without his true love by his side.

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Anyway, his story started 30 years before in Northern Ireland. Patrick wanted a life free from the influence of the IRA which his father had been heavily involved in. Then he met Amy through his mum, Peg.

Amy is an American girl living in Ireland. She suffers from abandonment issues and abuse from her parents but she befriended Peg and later on, her son Patrick. Amy was instantly infatuated with Patrick.

For his part, Patrick doesn’t need the kind of complication that Amy brings to his life. So he acted like a douche and acted on an impulse that would have terrifying consequences on Amy’s life.

I love ye, only ye.”

The writing, the characters were compelling. I could not put this book down. I was captivated and invested in the story.

But as much as the book captured my attention, one character really ruined it for me. And because this character was central to the plot, this character’s actions severely affected the way I received the overall message of the book.

This was supposed to be about an epic love that spanned three decades. And by epic, I was kind of expecting big, bold, no-holds-barred-damn-the-consequences kind of love. Unfortunately, Patrick’s actions contradicted the narrative the author was trying to sell to her readers.

I didn’t see or feel Patrick’s epic love. Not in the way he forgot about his promise to Amy while he banged another chick. Not in the way he left Amy, who had become his wife, so he could take care of the same chick he got pregnant. I certainly didn’t see his epic love in the way he gave her up so easily, spit on her face and refused to even investigate or even see reason about what might have happened to her. I couldn’t see his epic love for her when, even after finding out the reason why Amy pushed him away, he moved on with his life with another woman raising his child and loving that woman.

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I’m sorry but not once did Patrick showed his EPIC love for Amy. All I saw were excuses, excuses, and oh, excuses on top everything else. Epic douchiness? YES. Epic love? Haha!

Apart from Patrick’s epic cowardice, this book just had so many plot holes. The more I thought about it, the more confused I got.

How in the world didn’t Patrick know Malcolm was Moira’s fiance? Didn’t he fuck her in the first place because of his connection to Malcolm?

Second, Amy and Peg couldn’t go with Patrick on the ferry so they had to wait one week for another one. But then after what happened to Amy, turns out she had money stashed away and was able to buy a plane ticket for her and Peg to America. And I don’t believe Amy going on a plane would be a bad a idea because the IRA might find out because after that incident with Patrick’s father, the IRA faded and disappeared into the background. Heck, Patrick was even able to go back to Ireland to kill Malcolm. They were there and suddenly they weren’t.

Because of all these things, I’ve decided that Patrick had to be the dumbest and stupidest hero ever. Seriously, this guy knew nothing. He allowed himself to be led by his dick and he wasn’t even brave enough to right the wrongs he made.

And then that ending…

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Seriously?? After all that, suddenly all is forgiven and everybody is happy and somehow Patrick really did give her what she dreamed of in the first place? I wasn’t convince. Not in the least. Had their confrontation happened earlier with Patrick groveling the rest of the way, I would have enjoyed this more but Patrick…ugh…he didn’t do anything until the very end. And even then Amy had to make the move.


I did like Peg and Phoenix but the rest of the characters including the MC contributed to Amy’s heartache. I really disliked how uneven the circumstances were between Amy and Patrick. She got the very short end of the stick. She got raped, tortured and had her beautiful hair turned prematurely gray because of trauma while he moved on played house with the woman he got pregnant, admitted to loving her and basically living the good life and fucking everything that moves after his “woman” passed away.

And all I can say to that is…

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Rating: 1423433073_star 1423433073_star