For those who don’t like the hero being in love with another girl in the previous book, this book might not be for you.

For those who like their heroine to be first in everything in the hero’s life, this book might not be for you.

For those like to have a clear assurance coupled with a grand gesture to show the hero’s love and devotion, this book might not be for you.

Now for those you who have no problem with those statements above or at least would like to try, then this book is for you.

It’s been quite a while I’ve picked up a Jamie McGuire book. After Walking Disaster, I just couldn’t find it in me to read more about the same couple. I would have read Beautiful Oblivion but reviews and spoilers from trusted friends warned me to stay away, so I did.

But the moment I saw the blurb for Beautiful Redemption, I knew I had to read it, negative reviews be damned. I was a little apprehensive about missing some of the details though since I didn’t read Beautiful Wedding and Beautiful Oblivion but I never got lost in the details even once.

Beautiful Redemption is the book which ties everything together starting from Beautiful Disaster, Walking Disaster, Beautiful Oblivion and A Beautiful Wedding. This filled the holes that those two books have left behind. I have to say kudos to Jamie McGuire for deftly handling the intricate details of the plot and giving the reader the whole picture of the events after that tragic fire.

Liis Lindy is an upcoming special agent of the FBI who recently got transferred from Chicago to San Diego. The night before she starts her new job, she meets a handsome man and slept with him. Turns out this man was none other than Thomas Maddox. He also happens to be her boss.

Thomas Maddox came back to San Diego after the events in BO a different man. He’s broken and he’s becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. Aside from his personal problems, Thomas is also increasingly under pressure to get Travis recruited to the FBI in order to save him from possible prison time.

Liis was the first woman Thomas opened up to after Cami. They have red-hot chemistry. Liis started out as being emotionally unavailable but as she and Thomas spend more time together, she starts to thaw. The only hiccup was Liis knows Thomas was still in love with Cami. And yes, Thomas admitted this in one of their more emotional scenes.

But even as Thomas admits to Liis about his lingering feelings for Cami, he is also becoming more and more emotionally attached to Liis. In fact, I personally thought he was starting to fall for her and did fall for her. Thomas wanted Liis to take a chance with him but Liis fears that he might be using her to get over Cami. This conflict was the pretty much the biggest source of angst in the book.

Arrrghhhh!! It was frustrating to read sometimes. But Liis isn’t blameless either. She’s paralyzed by fear. She fell out of love with a guy she’s been with for seven years so she doesn’t think she’s capable of committing to someone. Of course, her actions contradicts her words because she’s also falling for Thomas. So you basically have two people who have all the reasons not to commit to the person that they are attracted to.

I personally liked the conflict because it was all internal. It was basically both of them overcoming their fears. I did get annoyed with Cami. I’m seriously glad I didn’t read BO because I would have hated her.

This could have been an easy 5 stars for me had not been for a couple of issues. One, I needed Thomas’ POV. Do you hear me, Jamie McGuire?? I need to know his thoughts on certain pivotal scenes in the book. I liked Liis’ POV but there are moments where I would have given anything to read something from Thomas’ POV.

Another quibble was minor one but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at some of the antics of Liis and Thomas’ co-workers. I had to mentally slap myself in order to remember that these are FBI agents because most of the time, they act like the cast of The Housewives of Atlanta with their yapping and their relationship drama. Yap, yap, yap, yap!

Despite my issues, I really enjoyed this book. I really do believe Liis is it for Thomas although there is still much room for their relationship to grow. And no, I don’t think Cami is a threat to their relationship. I believed it when he said she’s in the past.

I also actually liked that their HEA wasn’t wrapped in a pretty bow. There’s an epilogue years down the line, which convinced me that Thomas indeed loves Liis and Liis alone. I actually liked the epilogue because it was realistic and stayed true to both of their characters.