Title: Show Me
Author: Abigail Strom
Rating: ☆☆


“Houston, we have a major attraction.”
After years of dealing with a heart condition and an overprotective mother, Airin Delaney is finally having her first taste of freedom in Waikiki—and it’s intoxicating. But it’s nothing compared to the out-of-this-world attraction between her and astronaut Hunter Bryce. Airin is determined to shoot for the stars and experience her first real kiss.

All Hunter has ever wanted is to explore the universe. That is, until a certain black-haired, wide-eyed beauty shakes him to the core. Hunter knows almost nothing about Airin, not even her last name. All he knows is that she’s the kind of girl he could fall over-the-moon in love with. Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t be worse. While Airin is celebrating her first night of freedom, Hunter is celebrating his last—before embarking on an eight-month mission.

It was only supposed to be one night. But sometimes that’s all fate needs to change two lives forever.

My Review

The first book in this series really blew me away. It was one of my favorite reads last year so I was really excited to be granted access to an early copy of the book from NetGalley. Unfortunately, Show Me didn’t quite hit the mark the way the first book did.

Airin and Hunter are perfectly fine characters with their own hopes and dreams. Airin is a well drawn character whose contentious relationship with her mother was the highlight of the book for me. I love the mother-daughter dynamics. There were times when I really didn’t like Airin’s mom but at the same time, as a mom, I feel for her and understand where she’s coming from.

Hunter is good hero but not as fleshed out as Airin. He’s likable enough but he’s boring to read. I liked that he’s an astronaut, which is quite unique in romancelandia, but I wasn’t captivated by his character enough to care.

Aside from the lukewarm characters, I wasn’t really thrilled by the insta-love, insta-lust, insta-connection they had. There’s nothing wrong with this trope. In fact, lots of people love it. I’m just not one of them.

I did love how science-y this book is. Loved the references to it and how important it is to the characters. Other than that, this was disappointing.

This is just my opinion though. The things in this book that didn’t work for me might work for others so don’t count this book out yet. Who knows, you might end up liking it.