I don’t know where to start.

The only positive thing I could say about this book is the cover. It’s a pretty hot cover if I may say so myself. But other than that…eh.

So what went wrong? Well, let’s see…

It has a good premise. Garrett is the kind of one-night stands. He’s fine with it until he meets Olivia, who is undergoing treatment for cancer. Suddenly, Garret was hit with insta-lust and miraculously turned into a faithful and committed schmuck overnight.

Can you sense my sarcasm? Yeah. I thought so.

But my biggest problem with this book is not the unbelievability of Garrett and Olivia’s relationship but how this book was executed from beginning to end.

The characters were one-dimensional to be honest. Olivia is fucking Mary Sue and Garrett talks like a robot. The dialogue were stilted and the characterizations were laughable. I am told over and over again how smart and witty Olivia is but I wasn’t shown one instance where she was being witty or smart for that matter. I mean, Olivia is supposed to be a college graduate and yet she doesn’t know what an oncologist is? How is that for being smart? And Garrett keeps referring to his fame as his celebrity. My celebrity this…my celebrity that…

Basically, there’s a lot of ‘telling’ and not enough ‘showing’. I became disconnected with what the characters keep telling me versus what they are actually doing. For example. Olivia keeps saying that her mom is amazing. She’s a hippie but ‘ZOMG! She’s the best mom evah!!’ She keeps repeating this throughout the book and yet, when Olivia underwent chemo for her cancer, her mom is nowhere to be found. I don’t care if she lived in the freakin’ moon, she’s supposed to be the best and most amazing mom ever, she better come and hold her daughter’s freakin’ hand for me to believe it. But no. That didn’t happen. She came for one measly visit, left after a week so yeah, “OMG, your mom is the best ever!’

And can we talk about the ellipses in this book?

Finally … I pull the condom out. Finally … I get a good, up close look at his shaft. It’s huge … but then again, he’s a big man. It’s beautiful … long, thick and dark with life force-

The whole book was riddled with it. It became distracting. Then there’s the cheese and the repetitiveness. I was absolutely drowning with it. Every line, every thought they had, reeks of cheese.

Sadly, I just couldn’t find any redeeming thing about this book. The story was mediocre with one dimensional characters and stilted dialogue. Don’t even get me started on the grammar and spelling issues, which I find unbelievable since this is a trad-pubbed title.

I’ve enjoyed some of Ms. Bennett’s work in the past. Unfortunately, this book wasn’t one of them.

ARC courtesy of the publisher.