Beatrice Porter swore she would never fall in love with a man like her father. For years she watched her mother self-destruct in bitterness, married to someone who only lived for his job. Gabriel Sullivan was such a man—a Navy SEAL, a man who put duty and country above all else. Yet falling in love with him was inevitable. She thought their relationship could work until he’d left her one night with a broken heart and her pride in tatters.

Three years later, he’s back and he wants a second chance.

Having committed atrocities for the greater good, Gabe has nothing left but darkness inside him. The only flicker of light is the memory of Beatrice—a woman embedded deeply under his skin. Winning her back won’t be easy for she has erected walls that only the toughest of SEALs can hope to scale.

When Beatrice finds herself at the center of a deadly game, Gabe discovers the eerie similarities of the killer’s MO to a former assassin. Discovering a link to the past, a truth that may cost him the woman he loves, distancing himself may be the only option to save Beatrice, but he is done walking away.

Gabe just needs to convince her this time he is all in, and a future with her is the only redemption worth having.

Ever since I’ve read It’s Always Been You, I couldn’t take my mind off of Gabe and Beatrice. I’m a sucker for a second chance at love trope. Plus the possibility of a groveling hero makes me absolutely giddy. Giddy. And guess what? This one delivered on the groveling and then some.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicGabe Sullivan and Beatrice Porter were sorta an item three years ago. And just when they were about to take their relationship to the next level, Gabe suddenly took off and left Beatrice high and dry. Fast forward to three years later and Gabe is back. Not only is he back for good, he wants to pick up where he left off with Beatrice.

Bee on the other hand, felt very deeply the sting of rejection of Gabe’s departure. She’s already messed up courtesy of her father’s own rejection, so Gabe leaving did a number on her.

Gabe and Bee’s road to HEA isn’t an easy one. But boy, Gabe really won me over. The author did a phenomenal job giving us Gabe’s perspective. 15% in, I already wanted Bee to forgive him. I could totally feel how sorry he was and how much he wants Beatrice back. Like I said, I love a good grovel book and this one is one of the best.

But more than just Gabe and Bee trying to get back together, this book also contains a pretty good cloak-and-dagger element that, surprisingly, I found appealing. Some readers might find the cloak-and-dagger stuff unappealing but I felt that the author did a good job interspersing the suspense with the romance throughout the book. Plus, Gabe and Beatrice are hot together. And just like Travis, Gabe is Alpha with a capital A.

So yes, anyone who’s crazy for alpha males should pick up this series. It has great balance between the romance and the suspense part.

Edit: I almost forgot to mention that I loved that the women in this series are written as badass as their male counterparts. The heroes are very alpha but their women are no shrinking violets, so it creates some really delicious dynamic between them.