Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels, #5.5)Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
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After eviction from the Knights of Merciful Aid, Andrea is a wreck. She starts work for best pal PI Kate Daniels. Shapeshifters under Raphael Medrano — Clan Bouda male alpha, Andrea’s ex-lover — die suddenly at a dig site. With Raphael, she seeks killer in deep dark Atlanta. Her feelings for him may take a back seat to saving the world…Bonus: Kate Daniels novella “Magic Gifts”

My Review

Did I ever mention how much I love Andrea?

Well, now you know.

I love her character. And yes, I love Raphael, too.

But back to Andrea (because this series is pretty much the most heroine-centric series ever which is another reason why I love it so much).

She’s dealing with the consequences of the events in book #5. One, the Order knows her secret and she’s basically been unceremoniously shown the door. Two, her relationship with Raphael, the male alpha of the douda clan, imploded. Andrea felt unmoored and uncertain. Her heart was broken and my heart along with her.

Then there’s Raphael. Andrea’s ex…err, mate or whatever, acting like a royal ass. His male bouda pride can’t quite grasp why Andrea made certain decisions in the past. He’s hurt, too but he really pissed me off in this book.

But not for long. Andrea and Raphael’s relationship is passionate as it is volatile and in this book, they’re trying to get past everything that happened while dealing with another ancient power intent to annihilate everything in its path.

I enjoyed learning about the Firsts and how it relates to Curran and the implication it might have in the series. I also enjoyed Roman’s cameo. He’s fast becoming a favorite character of mine.

Fast paced, action packed and angsty, Gunmetal Magic packs a solid punch despite its shorter length.

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