Beauty Like the Night (Spymasters, # 6)Beauty Like the Night by Joanna Bourne

4.5 stars!

Loved this cleverly written historical romantic suspense by Joanna Bourne.

Sèverine de Cabrillac was a former military intelligence who is now using her “skills” as an investigator. As intelligent as she is beautiful, Sèverine is one of the most interesting heroines I’ve read in a long time. Drawn back into the world she tried to leave behind, Sèverine must confront the demons of her past at the same time help Raoul Deverney discover his estranged wife wife’s killer and his missing daughter.

The characters, the dialogue, the plot just works seamlessly. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and my first historical-suspense in general, and I got to say that I’ve become an immediate fan.

Clever and interesting, Beauty Like the Night will draw you in from the very first page. The romance between Raoul and Sèverine was lovely and interesting. My only gripe is that the hero isn’t as interesting as the heroine. But that said, Sèverine more than made up for it. She’s a very interesting and unique character.

I highly recommend this book.

ARC provided by the publisher.

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