Whether it’s through humor or the whip-smartassery of her main characters, Emma Chase never fails to deliver a romance which is not only funny but also full of heart.

*Some SPOILERS for Royally Screwed up ahead* If you haven’t read book one yet, stop reading this review and go read Royally Screwed. You won’t be sorry. I promise.

Anyways, Royally Matched is the second installment of the Royally series. Henry, Wesco’s spare heir finds himself being the next in line to the throne after his older brother Nicholas abdicated his claim. The problem is Henry is not prepared to be king. He’s the fun Prince who shuns responsibilities hence his decision to host a reality TV dating show where Henry would choose among the lucky ladies who would someday become his Queen.

Yeah, really good idea there, Henry. Hilarity, of course, ensues as the ladies vie for his attention. Henry is in his element. Then he meets Sarah. The shy, bookish sister of one of contestants who’s only there to chaperone her sister. Despite being opposites on the surface, Henry and Sarah connected on a deeper level, but this newfound attraction to Sarah posed a problem with Henry’s commitment to the show. Henry has to come to terms with his fate before he loses Sarah and botch his job as King before he even started.

This book is fantasy personified. Crown Prince meets his Princess and they lived happily ever after. Emma Chase captures Henry’s irreverent voice perfectly and Sarah has the right amount of vulnerability and sass. She’s also a bit of a departure from Ms. Chase’s usual heroine. She’s not as competitive as Kate or assertive Lena or as confident as Chelsea but she’s endearing in her own way. I loved that Emma didn’t go the good versus evil sister route and just gave us a healthy sibling relationship.

Did I mention that this book was funny? It was very funny. You’d think after reading most of Emma Chase’s books that I would be used to it. But Emma Chase still finds a way to surprise me. Aside from the laughs, this book made me tear up a little bit as well.

It’s the perfect book to read if you’re looking for some lighthearted romance with lots of funny and heartfelt moments.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.