I admit I was a bit worried starting this book. For one, the synopsis for this book changed, and so did the name of the heroine. Not a good sign. Second, I loved Lincoln the moment he was introduced in the Sex, Love & Stiletto series. I have been waiting for his book forever. And you know, expectations has the tendency to mess with your reading mojo.

BUT Lauren Layne did Lincoln Mathis’ story justice. Yup. Even the heroine change made sense. Daisy and Lincoln together made sense.

Someone Like You packs quite an emotional punch. Something that I’ve never quite experience from Lauren Layne before.

On the outside, Lincoln and Daisy couldn’t be more different from each other. Daisy is the epitome of a Southern good girl charm until her marriage fell apart. Lincoln is the picture of a man on the prowl. He’s fun, laid back and has women falling all over themselves to get close to him. But unbeknownst to many and even to his closest friends, Lincoln is hiding a very important part of his life.

What I like about this story is how the romance between Lincoln and Daisy built from being acquaintances to friends and then to lovers. The obstacles, the insecurities, all the things that they had to overcome to get to their happy ending was heart-wrenching especially on Lincoln’s part. And the angst!! Oh man, the angst. I loved how angsty this book was.

That said, I was a bit let down by the last 10% of the book. The ending felt rushed. I feel like this book could have used another 50 pages or so, just to give Lincoln time to really, really grovel. The reason being was that he really messed up. He messed up bad. And a few more chapters would’ve made this book even better.

Don’t get me wrong. This book is great, and I really liked it but I wish there was more. More grovel, more resolution so to speak. Nevertheless, I wasn’t disappointed. Lincoln and Daisy’s story enthralled me from beginning to end.

ARC provided for review purposes.