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Beauty and the Billionaire: The Wedding might be short on page count but it’s not short on the squishy, gooey, feels.

After months of preparation, including a postponement, hookups and unexpected pregnancies, Gretchen and Hunter are finally, FINALLY tying the knot. But alas, everything seems to be falling apart on Gretchen: part of the mansion, where the wedding is supposed to be held, is flooded in, she fired another baker, and Hunter is keeping something from her. On top of that, her recovering drug addict sister Daphne wants to reconnect with her.

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I adored every second of this book. It’s a novella but doesn’t read like one. Aside from Gretchen and Hunter’s wedding story, there’s also a sweet, redemptive story about Daphne. Remember her? Fans of the series sort of have a hate-hate relationship with her and I was curious whether or not Jessica Clare would give her a book even if it’s not with one of the billionaires.

Well, she did. And it was quite lovely. Okay. A lot lovely. It actually made me cry, simply because her HEA was so hard fought, I feel like. I don’t want to say anything more except that if you’ve read One Night with a Billionaire, you’ll know who her hero is. But really, Ms. Clare did her character justice. It’s nice to read about a hated character hit rock bottom, get an epiphany and then turn her life around.

The inclusion of Daphne’s story was the perfect cherry on this very delightful cake of a series. I loved this series so hard. It was wonderful to see characters from the previous books in the series make an appearance. I definitely want more from this world though. I keep saying billionaire heroes are over, but when it comes to Jessica Clare’s billionaires, I find myself saying, “Yes! More billionaires, please!”

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