This story was a breath of fresh air. I have to admit that I’m one of those readers who love stories with lots of conflict between the hero and the heroine. The more insurmountable those conflicts are, the more I love it.

Trust has none of those, and yet, I found myself swooning over this book. I finished this in one sitting and had the silliest smile on my face right after. Why? Well two reasons: Chloe Scott and Boyd Gallagher.

I fell for these two as individual characters and as a couple. I adored Chloe Scott. She’s lovely, sweet but socially awkward. Painfully so. She exhibits her anxiety by telling knock, knock jokes which were so horrible, it was hilarious. I immediately connected with her character and wanted her to be happy and have her prince and her happily ever after.

And the perfect PERFECT man for that job was Boyd Gallagher. I have a confession to make. I barely remembered Boyd from book one. He didn’t really register on my radar until this book. And boy, did he register. He’s probably my most favorite Jana Aston hero ever. He’s sweet and considerate of Chloe’s issue’s had me melting like a puddle of goo. Gah! He was perfect.

Loved their “courtship”. I know that sounds horribly outdated but that’s kind of how Boyd won Chloe over. He courted her without her even knowing it. He’s so sweet and so sneaky. Lol. I loved how he was always mindful about Chloe’s social awkwardness.

And while this book doesn’t have an ounce of angst or even a real conflict really, I still enjoyed it very, very much simply because I fell in love with the characters. And once that happens, my enjoyment is secure.

Jana Aston has shown such an improvement over the course of 3 and 1/2 books that I’m just so excited to see what else she can do as an author. I for one, am looking forward to reading more stories by her.


ARC provided by the author for review purposes