Another winner from Jill Shalvis. I will never get tired of reading feel-good romances. Never. And The Trouble with Mistletoe is a wonderful example of a feel-good romance.

The second book off of Jill Shalvis’ Heartbreaker Bay series follows the story of Willa, wrangler of puppies and Keane, beleaguered temporary cat owner and hotshot developer. They have a sort of unpleasant history between them that affected Willa a lot but was a non-event for Keane.

The relationship between Keane and Willa developed slowly, largely due to Willa’s own trust issues and Keane’s reluctance to start a relationship. But the attraction burns hot between them, and Jill Shalvis can write sexual tension like no other.

Like Sweet Little Lies, The Trouble with Mistletoe is punctuated by heartfelt humor and touching emotional moments. The gang is back and I love getting to know them more and more. Loved the friendship between Willa and the girls as well as the friendship between the guys.

I finished this book with a smile on my face as I always do after I read a Jill Shalvis book. If you’re a fan, then you would love this book. I definitely recommend this one.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.