She wasn’t my New York girl. She was my game changer.


Claire Contreras delivers another solid and emotionally satisfy love story in The Player. The story is pretty straightforward. Warren Silva meets Camila and is instantly intrigued by her. She’s a Dominican girl living in an apartment in Washington that’s about to be torn down by the same developer that Warren has a stake in.

Camila is understandably wary of Warren. She couldn’t understand why a famous footballer like him would be interested in a girl like her. They live in two different worlds and from what Camila can see, they have nothing in common. But Warren is persistent. He’s willing to prove to her that they have something worth exploring, and when Warren puts his mind to something, he won’t stop until he gets it.

I adored both Camila and Warren. They’re both flawed and layered characters. Camila has this quiet strength and an iron will beneath her shy exterior. And Warren is just divine. In my mind, I assumed he’d be this asshole hero who’s going to give Camila grief. Boy, was I wrong. Warren was a sweetheart. He has his moments. And he’s made some questionable choices but what I never questioned was his feelings for our heroine. What can I say? War delivered. And he delivered big.

Aside from the characters, this book took its time to show readers the stages of Camila and Warren’s relationship, from the first meeting to their first date, to meeting parents, etc. I adored reading about them. I appreciate how Claire Contreras took her time building the relationship between Camila and Warren thus making me care about what happens to them as a couple.

Another thing I also liked is how the author was able to show, not just tell the reader about their contrasting lifestyle, affirming Camila’s worries. It also showed readers the pitfalls of getting involved with athletes and the sacrifices it entails. I was struck by Warren’s loneliness despite being surrounded by people all the time. Reading those chapters filled me with anxiety but in a good way.

I also liked the portrayal of Camila’s family. They were far from perfect but they feel so authentic and real. And their inclusion made me understand Camila’s character more.

There were a few reveals in the book that really surprised me. Looking back, I should have seen it but I was so entranced by Warren and Camila that I did not notice Claire sneaking those clues here and there. I totally missed those clues.

I finished this book with a huge smile of my face. That epilogue was perfection. It ties up very nicely with the opening scene, bringing everything full circle.