Right out of the gate, I knew Sex Machine was going to be a fun and sexy romp when the heroine, Honey Carmichael, boldly proposes a night of no-strings-attached sex to the town’s sexiest bachelor, Blake Dempsey. Honey is in luck since one night is all Blake can offer any woman. But Honey isn’t just any woman. First of all, they’re friends. Second, there’s always been an attraction between them that remained unacknowledged until now. Third, Blake is still hurting over the death of his first love.

I really loved Honey’s character. The name is unfortunate but I still genuinely loved her sex positive attitude. Blake is started closed off. But it doesn’t take long for readers to realize that there’s more to him than just being a “machine in bed.” This guy is not only loyal but he’s also kind and a good friend to Honey. I liked how their relationship progressed. And for those who are worried about the “dead ex” thing. Don’t be. I think Marie Force did a great job separating both relationships in such a way that Honey never felt like a second choice to me.

My only issue with this book was the big conflict in the third act and the anti-climactic ending. It was too predictable to me. And it felt too coincidental as well. I understood the intent of the author but it just felt flat for me. Also, I really wish that Blake had taken a more aggressive approach to resolving the conflict. I mean, Honey already did a lot of initiating. That’s not to say that Blake was passive throughout the book but I needed the hero to make a grand gesture. I felt that Blake didn’t really do anything big to win Honey back.

Still, this was a really fun and sexy read. Loved the dialogue and the second characters are wonderful.


ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.