When I read about Georgia and Leo Trevi in The Fifteenth Minute, I knew I wanted to know more about them. I have to admit that my expectations were quite high. Fortunately for me, Sarina Bowen delivered a heartfelt second-chance romance that I devoured from start to finish.

Leo and Georgia are your typical high school sweetheart. They’re young and in love and they have their lives ahead of them. Until one tragic night when all that changed. Georgia was [su_spoiler title=”SPOILER” icon=”chevron-circle”]sexually assaulted[/su_spoiler] and the fallout proved to be too much for the young couple, and they broke up.

Fast forward to present day. Georgia is the interim publicist for the Brooklyn Bruisers and Leo is its new rookie. The moment they meet again, it’s evident that they’re still not over each other. Not even for a bit. But they have a lot of unresolved issues from their past. Then there’s also the fact that the new coach, who happens to be Georgia’s father, hates Leo’s guts.

Rookie Move is another triumph for Sarina Bowen. She has a knack for writing really sweet and swoony heroes that are loyal, lovable and just plain fun to read. Her heroines are just as compelling, well rounded characters. Now for those who are worried about the [su_spoiler title=”SPOILER” icon=”chevron-circle”]sexual assault part[/su_spoiler]; don’t be. Ms. Bowen handled the issue with deft and sensitivity. It’s mentioned and it’s part of Georgia’s journey but it’s not made out to be a cheap plot device. So no worries on that front.

This is definitely another series to watch. I’m hooked. I’m looking forward to getting to know the other characters who will have their stories told through this series. And please, please, let there be a Nate-Becca story. I’m calling OTP on them right now. Make it happen, Ms. Bowen!