I was coming off a horrible book slump prior to reading this book. I was desperate to end that slump. Enter Ruthless by Lexi Blake. From the first chapter alone, I knew I was going to have a winner.

Riley and his siblings waited years for the opportunity to finally exact revenge from the people who killed their parents. Their first mark is Ellie Stratton, daughter of one of their targets. Their revenge starts to unravel when Riley’s feelings for Ellie deepens. Suddenly, revenge became messy and complicated, and Riley must choose between his family and his feelings for Ellie.

The plot was fairly straightforward with a few surprises along the way that made me question a few things. What I didn’t question though was the connection between Riley and Ellie. The moment they met, their chemistry leaps off the page. I loved how their story started off on the wrong foot and Riley spending pretty much half of the book begging Ellie to take him back. You guys know I love some good grovel, right? Well this book has some of the best.

Another aspect that I loved about this book was the pacing. This book reads fast, or maybe it felt fast because I was thoroughly engrossed by the intrigue, the mystery, as well as the romance between Riley and Ellie. Usually, book one in an inter-connected series spends most of its time setting up the characters and the overarching plot lines and character motivations. While I appreciate those, they tend to get boring. Not in this book.

Lexi Blake sets up the plot and character motivations perfectly. You understand these people even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. I am deeply invested in Riley and the Lawless’ family, seeking the same answers to questions that they’re asking. I can’t wait to read more.

If you’re in the mood for some sexy, suspenseful contemporary, I suggest you read this book!