Blog Tour Review: Flipping the Script by Danice Mae P. Sison

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Blog Tour Review: Flipping the Script by Danice Mae P. SisonFlipping The Script (Flicker # 2) by Danice Mae P. Sison
on February 15th 2019
Genres: YA Romance

Miri dela Merced’s film director grandfather and Pabs Paglinauan’s studio head grandmother had a huge falling out that ended Lolo Ikong’s career.

At seventeen, Miri finds herself in the same summer film internship program as the down-to-earth film studio heir Pabs, whom she’s decided to automatically write off, just because of his lineage.

As Miri gets a crash course in her expectations vs the reality of what’s it like to work on a real movie, her true feelings for Pabs become harder and harder to ignore. In between attending outdoor screenings of classic Pinoy movies and battling monster production assistants together, can flipping the script on a decades-old grudge be only a few sequences away?


So now what? Are we a thing? Do I want us to be a thing? Would it be so wrong if I say that I do? What do I do with these feelings, exactly?

It was definitely more simple when we weren’t friends. It was easier hating Pabs, but I must admit that falling for him is a lot more interesting.

Flipping the Script is a charming, highly enjoyable YA romance debut from Danice Mae P. Sison about two aspiring filmmakers dealing with family expectations as they go about fulfilling their dreams.

Miri de la Merced is an aspiring filmmaker who scored a summer internship program sponsored by the same film studio who ruined her late grandfather’s filmmaking career. Miri is not only driven and eager to prove her worth as a filmmaker. Things got interesting when Pabs Paglinauan, the studio heir apparent, entered the scene. He is Miri’s co-intern at the same summer internship program and the grandson of the studio head who axed Miri’s grandfather.

It was fun to read about these two deal with each other & people’s expectations about them. Miri was hilarious, I thought. I tend to zone out when a book has a lot of inner monologues by its characters but that didn’t happen here.  I gotta to be honest, it took me a bit to get into Ms. Sison’s writing style, which is not unusual for me when it comes to new-to-me authors, but once I got into the rhythm of her writing, the story just flowed effortlessly. I was utterly charmed by Miri and Pabs.

Pabs himself was a revelation. I wasn’t quite sure at first. I was expecting him to be jerk because of the hairstyle, which Miri hilariously noticed but it turns out that he’s a really great guy. Actually, he’s perfect. It’s kind of annoying really lol but *sigh* him and Miri just fit together. And their romance made me want to watch old Filipino rom-coms.

The romance was definitely on the YA side, which means it’s very cute & very wholesome. That’s not to say that the characters were immature because they’re not. They’re actually very self-possessed and self-assured, which I liked. f=

Flipping the Script gave me exactly what I was craving for in a YA romance. The cuteness and kilig factor were definitely the main reasons why this book worked for me. That and Miri herself.



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