Blog Tour {Review}: The Confessions of Young Nero

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The Confessions of Young Nero is chock-full of drama, secrets, power-hungry people and manipulation. It’s a story about a boy who grew up to be one of Rome’s most notorious and powerful Emperor. This is a fascinating fictional retelling of Nero’s young life and his rise to power. Before he was known as a compulsive and corrupt Emperor who persecuted the early Christian church.

This book is classified as historical fiction but Margaret George was able to cleverly combined historical details and events about Nero and some really compelling fictional point of view which gave readers a somewhat sympathetic view of Nero.

I especially enjoyed the painstaking details that the author did to show the Roman way of life. Rome in all its glory and debauchery is always fascinating to read about. She went beyond that to explore the attitudes and the lifestyles of that era in history and I feel that she was able to capture that.

As for Nero…he is both a product and a victim of his time. He was groomed by his family especially his mother to become the most powerful man in Rome. He saw his family manipulate and lie just to get and hold on to power. This had a profound effect on him later on in life.

Fans of historical fiction and Roman history would definitely appreciate this book. It’s hefty and quite detailed but it’s worth the read.

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