Review: Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Ann Long

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Review: Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Ann LongLady Derring Takes a Lover (The Palace of Rogues #1) by Julie Anne Long
Published by Avon on February 26th 2019
Genres: Historical Romance

This was another solid book from Julie Ann Long. I expected to like this one just based on the blurb alone and I’m so glad that it met all of my expectations and then some.

Lady Delilah Derring’s husband left her not just in debt but basically, stripped of her identity & everything she has except for an old house that she decided to turn into a boarding house.

I adored Lade Delilah’s fortitude. She basically lost everything. She was at rock bottom. She had to fight for her survival and establish her independence and identity.

Tristan is exactly what Delilah needed even though it doesn’t look that way at first. Both Delilah and Tristan are cynical about love and it’s fascinating to read how they start to come around to the idea that they might be worthy of giving and receiving love despite their past.

Another thing that struck me about this book was how it dealt with relationships between the women specifically Delilah and Angelique, who happens to be her dead husband’s mistress. Lady Derring Takes a Lover avoids that “evil mistress” trope beautifully and it gave us a healthy friendship between two different personalities.

Overall, this was a fantastic historical about finding yourself, finding love and friendship. Highly recommend.

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