Review+ Author Q&A: Paper Princess (Royals #1) by Erin Watt

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Review+ Author Q&A: Paper Princess (Royals #1) by Erin Watt

A few days ago, I read this really addicting book called Paper Princess which exceeded my expectations. It’s one of the most addicting reads I’ve had in a while, and that’s saying something. Before I share my review with you guys, we have Erin Watt in the house. In case, you missed the big announcement, Erin Watt is the brainchild of Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick. I’ve read and loved their books in the past, so when I heard that they’re co-writing together, I was beside myself with excitement. So tell us more about their collaboration and about Paper Hearts, here is the transcript of the Q&A I did with Erin Watt. Enjoy! Hi guys! I’m so stoked to have this Q&A with you. Just so you know, I had the worst hangover after reading Paper Princess that I literally had to down some advils just to go to work […]

Review: The Enforcer (Untamed Hearts #3) by Kele Moon

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“Learn to fight your own battles. We have to be better than them. Stronger. Faster. Smarter. Lost boys have to fly.” I read this book a couple of months ago and it took me a long time to write even a coherent review for many reasons. One, I don’t want to inadvertently spoil anything about the plot. Two, I had a hard time putting into words just how much this book affected me. I was one of those readers who dismissed Tino as being this goofy, happy-go-lucky, without a care in world, Moretti brother. Boy, was I wrong. So very wrong. Kele has hinted in the past the dark path that the Moretti brother haved trekked before they even came to Garnett. But I was still unprepared for most of the stuff that happened to Romeo, Nova and Tino. This wasn’t an easy book to read. I was glad that […]

ARC Review: Elastic Hearts (Hearts #3) by Claire Contreras

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“You are every goal I never knew I wanted.” I became a huge fan of Claire Contreras and this series when I read Kaleidoscope Hearts last year. By the time Paper Hearts was released, I may have graduated to stalker status. So when I heard that she’s going to write a book on Victor, I was over the moon. Elastic Hearts is the third installment of the Hearts series, and I have to say that the tone of this book is more lighthearted compared to the angst fest Claire served up in the previous two installments. This tripped me up a bit. While I did enjoy Elastic Hearts, I didn’t fully get invested in Victor and Nicole’s story until the second half. Victor was an up and coming lawyer when he and Nicole met and had a brief fling together. Unfortunately, Nicole also happens to be the boss’ daughter which […]

ARC Review: Jackson’s Trust by Violet Duke

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Where do I even begin? Based on the blurb alone, this book was a solid 4 stars. I mean, a gorgeous sports analyst with secret meets feisty, upcoming field reporter with a head for sports stats. They’re forced to work together while keeping their attraction under wraps. Sounds like a good, solid plot for a romance novel. Sure, the writing was more on the side “telling” instead of showing but it was still a decent read. There were a few annoying plot contrivances that crop up here and there but I could still ignore it. For the most part. But then these little plot contrivances became downright annoying very fast until it came to a point where I was rage reading just to finish it. Annoying plot contrivance #1 The heroine is a sports junkie who happens to really be good at stats. I appreciated that. What I didn’t appreciate […]

REVIEW: Confessions in the Dark by Jeanette Grey

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I requested this book on NetGalley not really expecting anything except that the blurb really intrigued me and that I’m a sucker for a broody and broken hero finding redemption with a help of a strong heroine. And man, oh man, Cole and Serena fit the bill perfectly. The plot is quite simple and straightforward. Both Cole and Serena live in the same building but have never met until Cole had an unfortunate incident which put him out of commission indefinitely. Serena being the caretaker that she is immediately took to driving Cole to his doctor appointments and physical therapy in exchange for some math tutoring for Serena’s nephew. Cole ever the aloof neighbor with secrets to hide tried to distance himself from Serena but the attraction and Serena’s nature keeps pulling him back in until he can’t do anything but surrender to his attraction despite his fears and guilt […]

ARC Review: Lexington and 42nd (The Off Field Series, #1) by Kim Carmody

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When Emma Lexington was sent to New York in an exchange program with the New York Warriors, she never expected it to be more than just a job. But after meeting Warriors’ quarterback,  Will Jensen, Emma’s plan of keeping her head down, working and making her club back in Sydney was put in jeopardy at their obvious chemistry. Jensen is young, successful and famous for his arm and his exploits off the field. But when he meets Emma, he suddenly found himself wanting her. Rebuffed by Emma, Jensen found himself intrigued and in pursuit of her. Emma has a reason for not wanting anything to do with Will. For one, her stay in New York is temporary. She’s there for a job. Second, fraternizing with the players and frowned upon. But there’s another reason which is revealed later on in the book which perfectly explained why Emma was adamant about […]

Release Day Alert: Us (Him #2) by Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen

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Wes and Jamie are baaack! And they’re hotter than ever! Check out the blurb and excerpt below. EXCERPT At long last, I’m twenty paces away, then ten. Then I’m opening our door. “Hey babe!” I call out like I always do. “I made it.” I drag my duffel over the threshold, then toss my suit coat on top, abandoning these things beside the door, because all I need now is a kiss. Only then do I notice that our apartment smells amazing. Jamie has cooked dinner for me. Again. He is the perfect man, I swear to God. “Hey!” he calls, emerging from the hallway leading to our bedroom. He’s wearing jeans and nothing else except—and this is unusual—a beard. “Do I know you?” He gives me a sexy smile. “I was going to ask the same thing.” I’m staring at the sandy-blond beard. Jamie has always been clean-shaven. I […]

ARC Review: Soulless (King #4) by TM Frazier

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It always pains me to write one of those, “it’s not you, it’s me” type of reviews. Unfortunately, this is exactly what I felt after reading Soulless. There will be spoilers from the previous book in the series, so be warned. Lawless ended with Bear being carted away to prison instead of Thia after owning up to killing Thia’s parents. Which as you know isn’t true, by the way. I thought Soulless was going to start with that pivotal scene but nope. Instead we’re right in the middle of Bear already being in prison awaiting trial. The story then takes us through the ups and downs of Bear and Thia dealing with the aftermath of Bear’s decision to take the fall for her. Add to that the club business that involved Bear’s own father and Thia’s own troubles, we get a very convoluted storyline that just didn’t came together for […]

Review: Dirty Ride by Chantal Fernando

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Short, sweet, and sexy. If you’re in the mood for those three things then you’re going to enjoy Dirty Ride. Tina is on the run from an abusive relationship trying to start a new life. Then she meets Ardan AKA Irish, and suddenly, all bets are off. Despite being part of a motorcycle club, Ardan is a full on protective alpha. He’s sweet and like most alphas in this category, he doesn’t take no for an answer. And he quickly dismantled Tina’s reservation. I actually enjoyed the heroine, Tina. She’s very forthcoming and despite her unfortunate past, she didn’t let it get in the way of enjoying her new life and opening herself up to Ardan. There was no drama between them. Both acted like adults who knows what they want and went after it. Sure, there were issues regarding Tina’s psycho ex but because both characters has established trust […]

Book Round-up: Month of August

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Book Round-up: Month of August

This morning, I woke up with a mother of all headaches. By 10 AM I was puking my guts out. Right about that the time, a thought occurred me, “Hmm…I should do a monthly round-up for my blog.” Right. So here I am, headache free and feeling a whole lot better and writing this post. Depending on how busy things get in real life, you can expect another post similar to this one at the end of September. So let’s get crackin’, shall we? August at a Glance. I read 26 books in August. 25 of them are all full length novels. I also wrote reviews for all of them. I had two A- or 4.5 star books. Most of the books I read this month, I rated B (4 stars), the rest are B- (3.5 stars), Cs and Ds. I only DNF two books this month. The Standouts… Sustained […]